Family Therapy at Awareness Counseling Agency

Some level of conflict is unavoidable in group situations, and families are no different. With each person in the family dealing with their own stresses, arguments and disagreements can often occur. It’s when this becomes a problem that family therapy may be necessary.

Cognitive family therapy can take many different forms. In some cases, where the friction is between just a few family members, it might be quite small. In others, it can involve multiple generations and even family friends. Because each family is unique, treatment cannot be uniform.

In family therapy, the therapist and the patient(s) will work together to decide how best to address the problem. Whatever the case, the goal will be to try and improve communication between the affected parties, so that each person can understand why his or her actions may be hurtful. From here, they can learn to change their behavior and end family discord.

Contact us if your family thinks that it will benefit from therapy. At Awareness Counseling Agency happiness is possible for every family.


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