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We understand that family life isn’t always easy.  Tensions can arise between generations, spouses, siblings, and significant others.  This is entirely normal.  The important thing to remember is that there are people who can offer help in the form of counseling.


Family therapy usually involves having the affected members get together in a comfortable environment under the guidance of a trained counselor.  The group can be as big as a multi-generational extended family, or as small as a couple.  It can grow or shrink as needed, according to the clients’ needs and the counselor’s advice.


The goal of this therapy is to heal the rifts and problems that can appear in even the most loving families.  Understanding is essential, but this does not mean that anything goes.  There needs to be a give and take from each person involved.


We have therapists with experience in particular areas.  For instance, if you and your significant other think that intervention is necessary, you can meet with someone who specializes in couples and marriage counseling.


Likewise, if the issue is between a minor and parent, we offer child and teen parenting education.  Raising a child is always challenging, and it never hurts to get some help while doing it. For younger children we offer, play therapy, which allows the the child to feel safe and comfortable while sharing information.


Sometimes, conflicts and misunderstandings arise from psychological issues.  This is a very sensitive area that demands a very understanding approach.  Our therapists have experience in substance abuse therapy and mental health counseling in a familial context and of course, psychotherapy.

If you think you or your family could be helped by outside moderation and life coaching, please do not hesitate to contact Awareness Counseling Agency.

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